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These are the National and International pilots competing in the contest

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Alon Telishevsky, ISRAEL

I'm 11 years old from Petach-Tikva, Israel.
I"ve been flying RC planes ever since I can remember.

I started to fly 3D airplanes
with my father (Benny). Every Saturday morning for the past four years we took
our gear and drove to the field. I practice a lot with my airplanes, simulator when I
can't get to the filed.
For the past two years I competed in IMAC and Freestyle.
The first year I have competed,
2021– IMAC basic championship standings (1 st place)
The second year
2022 – IMAC Sportsman championship standings (1 st place)

I use the Pilot-Rc Extra NG 90" Airframe, AGF A81BHM Servos, FrSky Radio system
and Falcon 24X9 Prop.
I am proudly sponsored by my great family, AGF-RC Servos, Pilot-RC plane
manufacturer, RCGF STINGER and FrSky Radio systems.


Adi Kochav, ISRAEL

From Jerusalem Israel.

Age 49 / married to my sponsor Shiri, proud father to Elia (15) and Ariel (12) and... ;-)

Founder and manager of IMAC Israel club since 2010.

Competed and judged numerous national and international contests around the world, Israel, USA, UK, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, some with significant achievements. 

Flying Extra V2 with DA 120 and JRPropo electronics.

Thank you to all my supporters and friends, my family, Sign Dimensions, JR Propo Desert Aircraft, Mejzlik Props, Tunder Power RC, IMAC International, Israel Aeroclub and Hobby Guy.



WhatsApp Image 2022-12-07 at 10.51.45.jpeg

Omer Koriat, ISRAEL

Hi, I'm 14 years old, Live in Barkan, brother of Harel Koriat.  9th grade student. I Fly and compete for the last year and a half in the Israeli IMAC league in the Sportsman class and freestyle. My weapon of choice is my trusty EF Extra NG 104" with GP 123 engine and Savox servos.

My accomplishments are, in 2022 1st place in the Israeli IMAC league in Sportsman and 8th place at The TAS in the USA.  2021 1st place in Basic.

My sponsors are Hobbyguy Israel, my brother Harel Koriat, Mom and Dad.


Harel Koriat, ISRAEL

Age – 17 Son of Yaron – a long time RC enthusiast and pilot, and brother of Omer (14 YO) – who also competes in IMAC and Freestyle. I Fly competitive IMAC and freestyle since the age of 12 (2016). Israel's IMAC champion, Advanced class in 2019 & 2020. Israel's Freestyle champion for the last 5 years. Participated in TAS 2022 (Unlimited 6th place, Freestyle 8th place). FXFC 2022 (11th place). The Invitationals 2022 (Finalist-6th). The XFC-V2, 2019 (Finalist-7th). Competes in Unlimited class from 2021. participated as a judge and show pilot in the Del Norte Fly Fest in Mexico 2021.

I Fly EF Extra 300 with GP 123 engine and Jeti TX with Savox servos.

My sponsors are, HobbyGuy, extreme flight, Gp engines, savox servos, Ar booma rc, holysmokes pumps, falcon propellers, Jmb canisters, Jeti model, t motor and Rc factory.

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Lior Levin, ISRAEL


From Ariel, Israel.

32 years old, Dental medical doctor.

Flying RC aerobatics for 20 years, competitive freestyle pilot since 2006, competitive IMAC pilot since 2020.

I have competed and judged numerous national freestyle competitions.

Won 3rd in the Intermediate class on our National 2022 IMAC Championship and 2nd in the Freestyle open class.

Flying EF 104" extra NG with DA 120, Savox servos and Futaba TX

Fully supported by my family.


Tal Perets, ISRAEL

From Beit Shearim Israel.
Age 11, 6th grade student 
I started flying RC airplanes at the age of 9. 
Flying competitive IMAC and Freestyle since 2021.
In the 2022 championship I reached 2nd place IMAC basic class and 5th place in Ido Segev Cup freestyle.
Flying Skywing Extra NG 104" with GP123 and FRSKY Radio and Servos.
My sponsors are my family, Thanks to my parents Yuval & Liach my sister Shaked and my brothers Asaf and Tomer

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Yonatan Shmilovitz, ISRAEL

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-07 at 15.23.42 (1).jpeg

Hi my name is Yonatan Shmilovich i'm 15 years old. I've been flying Rc planes for the last 5 years. I live in a small village called Netiv Haasra  in ISRAEL. I started flying freestyle when I was 13. I started competing on IMAC and FREESTYLE in 2022.

I'm currently competing only in ISRAEL.


I use a GP 123 gas engine, HOLISMOKES smoke pump, SAVOX  2290SB servos, AR-BOOMA system and a FUTABA transmitter.


Adir Ben Avi, ISRAEL

Age 25, I am from Israel, Rosh HaAyin.

 In my daily job I'm a drone & UAV specialist. Since 2004 I am part of the aero club of Israel. pilot, Instructor and a competitor in F2B class. In 2020 I started flying IMAC and 3D. I won the 3rd place in sportsmen class for the last Israel IMAC national competition in 2022.

My plane is EF 104'' EXTRA 300V2 with GP 123, Savox servo and JETI system.

I have full support from my family.



Omri Goldfarb, ISRAEL


My name is Omri Goldfarb. I am 14 years old.  I live in Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva.

I started flying Rc planes as the Corona Virus Pandemic started.  My father flies Rc planes since he was a child and continues to do so as a hobby. 

Rc planes have become a major part of my life.  My family supports, encourages and believes in me.  We formed a group of friends that fly together on Saturday Mornings.  They have become a second family to me.

I practice the simulator on a daily basis.

For the past year I've been competing IMAC and freestyle with an extra NG 91" Rc plane model.  The engines I use are GP 76 and Savox servos.


Amit Nadav, ISRAEL

Hi, my name is Amit Nadav, and I am in the twelfth grade.
I’m living in Ness Ziona, in the central Israel.
I started flying airplanes at age 4, from a young age, I have been flying in F3A style, and 3D.
I only started flying IMAC competitive style in the last year.
My plane is edge 540 of 3dhp, with DA70 engine, Savox 2270 servos, powerbox competition sr2 and futaba transmitter.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-04 at 20.34.37.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-01-02 at 3.24.08 PM - Rory RC Tooley.jpeg



multiple UK F3P AM Winner multiple UK F3P Winner 2x UK Junior Freestyle Champion Competed at FXFC.

Flying Pilot RC Laser with GP 123cc Macgregor servos and Futaba redio. My sponsort are, Pilot RC Macgregor MT Smoke Dualsky Nexus Models Optipower. Multiple UK F3P AM Winner multiple UK F3P Winner 2x UK Junior Freestyle Champion Competed at FXFC


Luca Baumann, GERMANY

Age 20, flying scale aerobatics for 15 years. Competing in different national and international contests like, 2022 Tucson Aerobatic Shootout - USA: Freestyle 7. Place, Unlimited 8. Place 2022 FXFC France Place 22. since 2019 German F3S Champion 1. Place 2018 German F3S Champion 4. Place 2013 German F3A-C Bavarian Open 1. Place 2012 German Master Big Scale Airplanes 10. Place 2009 - 2018 German Youth Champion 1. + 2. Places

Flying the EF Extra NG with DA 120 Spectrum radio and servos.

My sponsors are, Horizon Hobby, Desert Aircraft, Falcon Propellers, MTW Silencer,, CMJets, SIBA Design, Zeitfluegel Watches, Teil Q, Revoc Custom, Unilight Systems, RC Light Systems, JSB Modellmotoren, Hoelzlwimmer Modellbau, Tomahawk Aviation, Krill Aircraft

IMG_9592 - Luca Baumann.JPEG


Eliad Shifman, ISRAEL

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-20 at 21.46.49.jpeg


Or Gabay, ISRAEL

Age 18, Israel, petah tikva. I have been flying and building aircrafts since the age of 14. This hobby has become a part of my life and my whole family does it too.

Every weekend my brother and I practice together. I started to compete in F3A class in 2019. In 2020 I started to fly 3D models and took part in the different IMAC National competitions. I won the 1st place in the Intermediate class on or last IMAC Israel National Competitionship in 2022.


Orel Zohar, ISRAEL



Shay Alfassi, ISRAEL


Yuhei Suzuki, JAPAN

i'm Yuhei Suzuki.  from Tokyo, Japan.   27 years old.  My job is Futaba sales.

F3A Japan Championship 2nd
F3A World Championship 13th (Italy 2019)
Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Invitational class participation & Freestyle 5th place 2017
Unlimited winner, Freestyle winner.

Futaba.  OS.  SAITO.  RC DEPOT.  VLV.



Itai Izhakov, ISRAEL


Ilai Mualem, ISRAEL

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-22 at 14.47.42.jpeg
118582854_4794597733887569_9103634479393933913_n - Martin Brandmüller_edited.jpg


Martin Brandmuller, AUSTRIA

30 years old, flying outdoors for the last 8 years and indoors for 4 years. 1st place EXFC 2017, FXFC 2018. IO fly a Pilot RC Slick with Power Box radio, Xpert servos and GP 123 engine. My sponsors are Pilot-RC, GP Engines, PowerBox Systems, Xpert Servos. 


Andreas Wildauer, AUSTRIA

My Name is Andreas Wildauer and I’m 19 years old.

I started aeromodelling in 2008, started competing in F3P in 2013 and IMAC/Freestyle competitions in 2018.

F3P-AFM Junior World Champion 2019 and multiple IMAC and Freestyle podium finishes.

Wildauer Andreas _edited.jpg


Kanpai Larnlua, THAILAND

Hi all, Im 19 years old from Thailand.

In early 2022, it was a great start that I was selected to join Team Pilot – 3D Foamy plane of RC
Factory in Europe and also join Aerobatics Team Pilot of JRPropo / DFA USA. I get good chances
to have flying shows in many events organized in Thailand and also in Japan. I was so excited to
participate in RC Aeronautic Pageant 2022 held in Japan and flew with champion US pilots and
many great pilots from Japan.
Thanks to all who always give me support, opportunities, and valuable advice.

My sponsors are, RC Factory, T-Motor, JR Propo, RUSH, Foxeer, Astro X


Ofek Hertz, ISRAEL



Ben Cohen, ISRAEL

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-19 at 12.11.05.jpeg


Eldar Vitark, ISRAEL

Elder Vitrak from Kiryat Ata Israel.
I have been flying Rc planes for 20 years. 
My airplane is EXTREME FLIGHT SLICK 580 V2, i use a GP 123 engine, and a Jeti ds 24 transmitter.

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