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Event Managers and Staff

The entrepreneurs and the ones that are going to manage this festival throughout the three days.

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Ron Miasnikov, ISRAEL

General Manager of the AeroClub of Israel -Aeromodelling. 
International skydiving judge, instructor and examiner. Israel Delegate to the FAI. 

Great supporter of general aviation and Skydiving in particular. After a lot of work, we managed to bring the Skydiving World Championship to Israel, in 2024 it will take place in Masada airfield, to the shoreline of the dead sea.

Will always strive to bring world class championships and events to Israel. I believe that exposing our competitors, juniors particularly, to world-class competitions will raise their level of flight and enthusiasm.

Yaron Koriat, ISRAEL

I have been flying RC planes since I was a child. Now I mainly train and practice my two children, Harel and Omer, to fly and master IMAC and Freestyle in different high-level events and contests, in Israel and around the world.

One of the founding fathers and managers of IMAC Israel. Great supporter of Scale Aerobatics.

One of the entrepreneurs of the Ido Segev Cup enterprise.

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Guy Itzhaky, ISRAEL

Guy Itzhaky, Israel
Have been a weekend flyer for the last 15 years, made it into an occupation by founding and running “HOBBYGUY” almost 10 years ago. 
Married and father of 4 princesses. A passionate supporter of the local IMAC & Freestyle league, an rc photographer and keen on motivating youngsters into our incredible hobby.

Micha Shmilovich, ISRAEL

Father to Yonatan

In charge of the event's videos, footage and live streaming.

We have 13 strong crew and cameramen to produce the best ever online RC event. 

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Adi Kochav, ISRAEL

IMAC Israel founder and manager since 2010. Unlimited pilot since 2015. Competed and judged numerous national and international contests around the world since 2013, Israel, US, UK, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic.

These days I fly IMAC with my son Ariel, who is stating to compete as well.

One of the entrepreneurs of the Ido Segev Cup enterprise. 

Roi Bachar, ISRAEL

FPV racing Israel league co-founder and manager since 2014. Flying in my sleep all kind of ECI and non-RC since I was born.

Support and extract school's aviation enriching classes.  

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Yuval Lakrif, ISRAEL

Founder of the 'LAKRIF Airshow' in Israel.

For the last 15 years I have worked in the private sector as an advisor and a personal coacher.

I am a 'safety driving education' instructor for the ministry of tranportation.

I host and instruct different classes for first responders.

Command and control lectures in schools and at the Hebrew University.

Working for 'ELBIT' as a driving instructor for the last 10 years. 

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